We are…

Anne and Maxi and founded the Onkel Fritz brand. Together we form a young and committed team that offers modern communication solutions. We use our diverse education and many years of experience in the service and event industry to support our customers sustainably.

Authentic, Professional, Reliable

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From the beautiful Westerwald, Germany, Graphic & Communication Designer with a camera, is the creative mind behind the innovative concepts. The entire team benefits from her passion for the cause, advertising agency experience, globetrotting, personnel management experience and deep insights into the event industry.

Curriculum vitae
  • Design College
  • Degree in Graphic & Communication Design
  • Graphic designer at a renowned advertising agency
  • Professional photo tour through Canada
  • Event Management & Guest Handling for AUDI AG
  • Founder & Partner of Uncle Fritz

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Born and raised in Nuremberg, Germany, he started early to think about starting his own business in Marketing and Consulting. After studying Hotel & Tourism Management, however, he first moved to the event industry in Munich. There he met Anne with whom he could take the decisive step.

Curriculum vitae
  • Grammar school (Gymnasium) for modern languages
  • Degree in Hotel Economics & Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  • Further training for Marketing & Consulting
  • Event Management & Marketing for AUDI AG
  • Founder & Partner of Onkel Fritz

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The cheeky but lovable rabbit from the Nuremberg Forest is the eponym and figurehead of our brand. He has his heart in the right place, is curious and therefore everywhere. With his authentic, modern and reliable manner, he embodies the most important objectives of the entire company.

Curriculum vitae
  • Born in 2010 somewhere in a forest near Nuremberg, Germany
  • Training (in family business) for: Sensitivity, agility, skill & intuition
  • He loves people and the limelight
  • Has held his own with smaller model jobs until he joined the team of Onkel Fritz
  • Since then celebrated influencer
  • Hobbies: Being photographed, telling stories, self-portrayal