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Special Education

The Ƶ School Ƶ offers a full continuum of services. These include the following; Consultant Teacher Services Indirect/Direct, Resource Room, Inclusion, Departmentalized Self-Contained Classes, Life Skills Program for IEP Diploma bound students and Related Services.   


Indirect Consultant Teacher Services: Designed for those students who do not require direct special education support. These services are also recommended for our special education student who will be declassified and require transitional services.  The special education teacher monitors student progress and needs.

Direct Consultant Teacher Services:  Provides special education support 3x per week for 40 minutes as a push in program.  This program provides assistance to those students who do not require daily Resource Room support or to those students who will be transitioning out of special education.

Resource Room: The Resource Room is designed to provide remediation and academic support.  Provides daily support for 40 minutes in a pull out program. Remediation is provided in the areas where the students have demonstrated deficits.  Students in the Resource Room are provided with specific remediation and academic support in order to achieve success.  Students are scheduled into this program for one instructional period per day. 

Inclusion (Class Within A Class):  This program combines special education and regular education students in the general education core academic classes (social studies, math, science, and English).  Classes consist of a regular education teacher, a special education teacher and a paraprofessional.   The special education students have an instructional support period built into their schedule.

Departmentalized Self-Contained Classes: Our departmentalized self-contained program aligns its curriculum to that of  the general education classes. These classes are designed for those special education students requiring a smaller and more structured class setting. Student enrollment is limited to 12 students per class with a special education teacher and a paraprofessional. 

Special Class:  This program is designed to address the individual needs of our IEP Diploma bound students with developmental delays.  The curriculum integrates pre-vocational training with life skills.  Each student in this program participates in the NYS Alternate Assessment and will be IEP Diploma eligible once they graduate HS.  Student enrollment is limited to 12 students with a special education teacher and a paraprofessional.  

Related Services: Includes counseling, speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy and vision services. 

For additional information please contact the Office of Pupil Personnel Services at 968-1232.